Ptychosperma Scheffri Palm


Ptychosperma schefferi palm ,

Height is approx. 3-4M

POTS size 21×21 beg

Soil description : Cocopeat & Peatmoss.

Rare palms




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Ptychosperma schefferi (Scheffer’s Palm is a species of f plant in the Arecaceae (palm) family. It is found on New Guinea.

It is a palm tree with a single trunk or clumped trunks, growing from 4.7 to 6 m (15 to 20 ft, sometimes 25 ft) tall. The leaves of this species are dark green, and are evergreen. The species is cultivated, but more commonly in the tropics and subtropics. The flowers are white in color and are followed by a dark purple fruit. The species was possibly named after Rudolph Herman Christiaan Carel Scheffer.

A moderately sized species from northern and central New Guinea, with clustering, slender trunks to about 7 m (23 ft.) tall. Young plants are particularly attractive with large undivided leaflets.


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